photo by Jer Nelsen

photo by Jer Nelsen

Who are you two, anyway?
We’re just a couple of kids who went to college, never wanting to fall in line with the “ring-by-spring” stereotype, but fell anyway. (Whoops.)

When a Gent (/jent/noun; a gentleman) marries a Journaler (/journal-er/noun; a girl who has a stack of overflowing journals in her closet), he either joins her on a blog, or he joins her on a blog. It was in the vows, I think.

What can I find on this blog?
This ain't no fashion blog. Because all I wear are stripes and gingham and hand-me-downs from my fashionista sister. Nobody cares about what's hanging in our closets. And this ain’t no sports blog. But don't be surprised if my husband occasionally posts about Notre Dame football, Kentucky basketball, and all the oh-so-pathetic Chicago sports teams (sorry, Kyle).

But here's what we will talk about: 
1. Life. We're honest here. We're gonna talk about our faith, our struggles, our real life.
2. Exploring. Across the pond, across town, across the country. We're gonna do it. We've got plans, y'all.
3. Nesting. We're renters dreaming of owning a home, land, a barn, and some bees. (Cattle, goats, the whole nine yards. Don't even get me started!) But in the meantime, we're taking life one lease at a time, making our little place feel like home no matter our coordinates.

What makes you so special?
Nothing, really. We started this blog in 2013 so I'd have a creative outlet. (I worked in football, for heaven's sake.) I blog because I don't have everything figured out. Kyle blogs (occasionally) because I pester him until he complies. And the guy can write gut-splitting posts. He actually started a blog after he met me our Freshman year of college, on which he gave advice to all the other freshmen dorm boys at our Christian college who were already trying to find a wife. And it was a pathetic attempt at stealing my heart. Pathetic, yet successful.

We're about storytelling, picture taking, and adventuring. We’re about the half-full glass. We're about Jesus.
Welcome, family! Welcome, friends! Welcome to our internet journal.

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